Built on the core values of conceptual learning and collaboration, The Heritage School is an institution that always strives to represent, and inculcate in its students the matta Atma Deepo Bhava (Be Your Own Light). From the photography and artwork adorning the school campus, to ts almost always bustling sports complex, every part of the school reflects and emphasises its students’ versatile minds and diverse skill sets.

The Heritage School values integrity, creativity and compassion as much as it does knowledge and intelligence, and it is this culture which forms the basis of its endeavour to impart to ts children a holistic education not only of the mind but also of the body and soul.

Having been recognized as the Best Co-Educational School in West Bengal by Education World for six years in a row and counting, The Heritage School prides itself upon its tradition of successfully building young global citizens with a passion to explore, seek answers, and change the world for the better.

An opportunity, a cogitation, a challenge: THSMUN has been providing its delegates with intriguing and stimulating committees year after year. Renowned for its classic and compelling approach to MUNning, THSMUN started in 2013 and has gradually grown into the prestige it holds today in the city.

A paragon of invigorating debate, the event offers 5 fast-paced and engaging committees that address socio-economic and political issues encapsulating the world today, allowing delegates to broaden their view, demonstrate their stances on varying and contemporary subjects, and push their boundaries. In the world of Model United Nations, THSMUN stands tall as a platform that not only nurtures intellect and diplomacy but also inspires delegates to embrace the power of their voice and make a lasting impact on the global stage.